Custom Engraving

Jerry Smith, Engraver/Artist

jerryengravingI have been doing custom work on metal of all kinds since the early 90’s. Some of the work has included detailed photos and art work done in materials other than metal. For detailed photos and images I use the  “bulino” method to achieve the most accurate representation.  The scrimshaw work is often in full color.

I use the latest technology for my engraving which includes the latest power engraving system and the most up-to-date high power microscope for the most accurate and detailed job possible.

I work with the client as closely as possible on the front end to try to arrive at the most satisfactory end result. I usually take a photo of whatever it is that I am working on and superimpose a rough but accurate concept over the top so that IMAG0979the customer gets an idea of what the finished work will look like. Changes are made by the client. The draft is signed by the client and the art transposition takes place and then the cutting process. All is done by hand using the latest power-assist technology. (Here are a couple of my own rifles with different styles).


The technology I am referring to allows me to make cuts  at high speed impact for the smoothest and brightest of engraving – called “bright cut engraving.” Or, I can slow the speed and impact down to achieve an antique hammer and chisel look for antique pieces.sw9mmrt

The background treatment is per client preference in either “stiple” effect or “deep relief” black. My stiple effect is made using an ultra high speed handpiece with an ultra small head. The deep relief black background is achieved in a three step process; removing a layer of metal, stipling the area, and painting with flat black enamel.

Check out the “Gallery” to see other engravings I have done including scrimshaw pieces.

Once I have your details I can give you a per piece total cost estimate.